The Polygraph Centre offers an internationally accredited polygraph service. Internationally trained personnel operate with independent objectivity and integrity at highly competitive rates. Our wide national client base is achieved through focussed project management.

Our Service Includes:
☑  Case specific testing, conducted in undoubtable incidences to gain knowledge
☑  Pre-employment screening, eliminates unsuitable candidates and identifies possible crime involvement
☑  Periodical screening, conducted to gauge illegal ‘at work’ activities.

Our Polygraph examiners qualified at A. I. I. P an A. P. A approved polygraph school and are members of the American Polygraph Association (Intern) and/or of the South African Professional Polygraph Association (S A P P A) a Divisional member of the APA and subscribe to their code of conduct.




☑  Credit Verification
☑  Criminal Record Verification
☑  Identity Verification or Validation
☑  Licence and P. D. P Verification
☑  Qualification Verification
☑  South Africa and Africa
☑  After Matric Verification
☑  Employment History
☑  Company Validation
☑  Director Search
☑  Property Transfer Verification
☑  Debt Counselor Consumer Report

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